Warrior Queen
What I have developed is not merely a lipstick to apply and walk through your day with, no, no it’s far more than that.
There is a strong rise to action mindset declaration, a powerful letter to help you shift into the place you need to be in, to mentally tackle and dominate in whatever way is unique for you.

I am a strong believer when mindset shifting you need to use all of your senses.

As a clinician writer and developer of all of ‘the things’, this is my latest offering to the world.

You get a highly qualified mentor right in your space with you, using words that have been clinically proven to shift a mindset.
You become part of a strong community of men and women that are stepping into their power state each and every day.
This is not just any lipstick range I’ve created and developed it is a change agent that reminds you every time you look at yourself, hear a compliment or re-apply that you are fierce, connected and being your most magnificent powerful self.

Gift it to yourself or others that need to hear words that will shift them. Each Lipstick comes with her own powerful call to action and mind change message.

Therapy has never looked so good!!

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