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New training event coming your way on

August the 4th 2018

This is a short interactive & informational Rapid fire style workshop.

That means get ready to learn and implement.

Both Nikki and Angela have a light-hearted but sensitive warm approach, to be able to tackle some serious issues that people face. They have worked together on projects through the years and are a ‘powerhouse’ collaboration of knowledge.

The outcome for the room;

We want you to walk away with some new skills and information so that you can feel confident in being able to use them and problem solve your way through, if and when you may need to.

This Workshop is for anyone that comes into contact with people that may be experiencing any of the presenting issues of Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Drug & or Alcohol and you want to help but don’t know what to say.

We also cover the knock-on effect any of these issues may have on you personally and how triggers from within you can be diffused.

How you can approach personal safety issues that may arise and what you can do to create a safer personal space ans space in your workplace.

This short training is open to;





Teacher Aids


Beauty Therapists

Business Owners and staff to name a few.

Anyone that would like to learn skills in awareness and the ability to diffuse a situation before it gets out of control, this is for you too.



-Nikki Hewatt is a skilled Clinician with a long history of working in Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol, Acquired Brain injury, Counselling and many other fields of expertise.

Nikki brings with her a skill set and ability to teach and give information in a light-hearted compassionate way.

Nikki is the Director of DECATS – Drug Education Counselling And Training Solutions.


-Angela Symonds is a skilled Clinician with a long history of working in Mental Health, Risk Management, Crisis & Intervention Management, Counselling, Program Development, Fitness, Nutrition and many other fields of expertise.

Angela brings with her a warm and engaging manner that helps bring ease and flow to a learning environment.

Angela is the Owner of The Empowerment Club and the Director of Rise& Roar and the Director of 


Cost – $55 p/p

Albury Venue; to be advised depending on numbers

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