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This is a productive and rewarding session for the professional or practitioner to look at their work practice and reframe any bothering issues that arise in their daily work or practice.

Time to encourage reflection on work practice; feedback, to develop professional and clinical skills; to share and utilise knowledge.

Time to discuss professional and clinical difficulties; to express feelings.

Time to ensure high standards of professional and clinical care are met through expressing, exploring and accepting constructive criticism; providing support in relation to the demands of the job; addressing managerial, service and quality issues, such as monitoring practice, quality of care issues and safeguarding issues.

Professional and Clinical Supervision is a practice focused, professional relationship that is in place not to examine the level of experience one may have but to help alleviate and explore feelings and questions that may arise from the very nature of the work itself.

Professionals or clinicians that work in direct contact with clients can be at high risk of vicarious trauma and or burn out.

Talk Therapy has been clinically proven to help alleviate stress in the workplace and increase health and productivity in all areas of a persons life.


is essential to achieving and sustaining high-quality practice which improves client experience, safety, and outcomes.



At different times the supervisor may act as a teacher, coach, mentor, role model and/or advisor.

While supervisees may require guidance and direction at times, I view effective supervision as a collaborative process, wherein supervisees take an active role in:

  • Choosing what aspect of their workplace or practice to focus on and explore
  • Determining how the supervisor-supervisee dyad works together
  • Offering feedback about the experience of the supervisory process and the relationship
  • Developing and being accountable to their own professional standards
  • Creating a wellness and productivity plan.

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