The Empowerment Club Bootcamps are not only functional; they are fun and completely designed to burn fat efficiently.

As a fitness instructor with over 25 years of knowledge in the fitness industry, I’m all about smart training and results.

You do not need to spend hours of your life in the gym to obtain the body of your dreams. It’s all about creating a sustainable lifestyle and not making fitness a chore BUT an integral part of your LIFE.

If you are looking to start your fitness journey or you are right in the midst of it, these classes can adapt to the individual and where you are in YOUR ability.

My classes are always different, every session; they are filled with fun and an incredibly high vibe to keep you motivated and your mind in the game.

Back in the day, I was an aerobic queen; I grew up on Aus Style Aerobics. jumping, running, grapevining all while singing-performing and yelling instructions were all part and parcel of being a trainer.

I still bring that sass to my classes, and we have a lot of fun, a high vibe class is guaranteed.

bootcamps are run in line with n.s.w school holiday terms;


Fourth Term… 22/10/2018 – 21/12/2018

THE THEME… FIGHTER FIT… A Combination of Aerial Fit, Boxing, Self-defence moves and a whole lot more.

Monday& Wednesday 6.00pm to 6.40pm-Women 

Monday& Wednesday 6.45pm to 7.25pm-Men 

Tuesday & Thursday 5.15pm to 5.55pm Teens (12-15)

 Train twice a week.

Cost -$270 P/P 

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