Angela Symonds
Warrior Queen

WARRIOR QUEEN, a lipstick with a powerful message to self.
For rebellious women who are ready to throw off the shackles or mediocre and embrace their power, tap into their internal strength and shift from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY.

Rise & Roar

Tees that help you RISE & ROAR. 

Sometimes you need to throw on a message, and remind them who they are dealing with – wear your call to action loud and proud.
Wearable inspiration for the woman that is on a mission to be all that she can.

How To Do You
HOW TO DO YOU is Angela’s own “rapid fire” book, teaching you that you are confined only by the walls you build yourself
The Empowerment Club

A place that will help provide you with the tools to find your inner power. Train your mind and your body.

Mindset Box

Mindset Box is designed to shift your thinking, expand your mind and blow the lid off ceiling and captive thinking. A box filled with all the tools you need to create the life you want need and desire.